Friday, March 9, 2007

Addendum to Clothes Shopping Guidelines

I've thought of a couple more policies to add related to shopping online or from a catalog:
  1. If I see something I like, I mark it (add to my shopping cart or dog-ear the page of the catalog and place it back in my reading pile). If the image haunts me for a few days, I give myself permission to seriously consider buying it. If I think back to the catalog/site and can't remember the item in vivid detail, I shouldn't buy it and don't. Sometimes I don't remember the item at all and that's a really clear sign.
  2. Before clicking the "Buy" button I must accept that I am agreeing to pay $5-10 to try the item in my home. This fee is actually the shipping/return shipping fee. Paying this fee or putting forth the effort to ship a package back should be accepted as part of the price you pay for ordering by mail. It should never be a deterrent to sending back something that doesn't meet all the criteria posted previously. Once something is physically in your home it is in charge--so you'll have to wrangle control away from it. Of course, the exception to this is Zappos where you can basically try anything on for free and pretty easily ship it back.

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