Thursday, January 25, 2007

Labelers Are All the Rage in the 5th Grade?

I got my eleven-year-old step-sister-in-law a label maker for Christmas. I was so proud that she wanted one. Of course, I think everyone should own one, especially aspiring young organized people.

I got this message from my step-mother-in-law (my step-sister-in-law's mom, in case you're having trouble with the wacky family titles).
I just had to tell you, you started a new trend in the 5th grade of "Y" Elementary. Anybody who is anybody has a cool labeler like "A". (I am not kidding!)
Before I got to the words "cool labeler" I thought she was going to say "cool pink-and-blue knee-highs with the skull-and-crossbones-and-hearts" (I thought it was time for "A" to enter her cutie-punk-rock phase). But, I'm just as pleased to hear this news.

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