Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Clutter and Dentistry

I just got back from the dentist for my 6-month cleaning. I told the hygienist, Christie, that I couldn't imagine doing her job of looking in people's mouths. That would gross me out. But then I started thinking, she probably would have no interest in looking in people's homes and scraping away the clutter that had built up over the past 6 months. Many people need clutter tune-ups on an ongoing and regular basis. But hopefully my tools are not as sharp as hers--at least clients tell me that I'm not too harsh.

Daily brushing/flossing and daily clutter maintenance get 90% of the job done. Special tools are required for the other 10% every 6 months.

I also told Christie that my childhood dentist had a treasure chest that I could pillage after I was sufficiently tortured. She said their office had one too. And I thought my old dentist was so clever--there is probably a dental supply catalog that offers such chests, with prizes included. But now, my take on the treasure chest is different--it's training children to fill their space with useless stuff. It's using material rewards instead of conveying that having your choppers when you're 70 is it's own reward (fingers crossed).

I do enjoy getting the adult bonus prizes. I use the toothbrushes for guests and can put the mini-toothpaste and mini-floss in my travel supply section, to be used on a future trip.