Friday, May 18, 2007

How to Find a Husband

There's a retired couple that I've been working with for a couple years, who I frequently describe to people as "my favorite client", while maintaining their confidentiality, of course.

He has hearing aids but still may not hear you if you call him from across their apartment. Or maybe he is selectively hearing his wife calling him (there was a period of time recently when his old hearing aids had died, but his wife didn't know it yet, and I think he may have been intentionally blissfully unavailable when called).

At the end of our session yesterday, she pointed out the blue fob dangling from her husband's belt loop. She's an avid catalog shopper and had implemented a new system, courtesy of the Sharper Image, who I usually find to be purveyors of expensive crappy junk that you don't need. In addition to being able to find her TV remote and adjustable bed remote (which has gotten lost in the sheets and been found again after it had gone through the washer and dryer), she can now locate her husband by clicking the blue button on her "Electronic Locator".I never cease to be amazed by the clever solutions my clients come up with.

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Anonymous said...

thats a pretty handy tool. I would love to keep my adjustable beds remote handy but i think people locating thats a bt OTT.