Thursday, May 17, 2007

Matching Up Socks

I work in a world of mismatched socks. It seems that a lot of people find it easier to buy new socks than match up their old ones after they come out of the laundry. This practice, of course, adds to the accumulation of mismatched socks.

There are these sock rings out there that you can use to clip your socks together when you take them off. As they go from laundry basket to washer to dryer to drawer, they remain together.

Or you could fix the problem much earlier in the cycle. My husband and I both have chosen a primary type of sock we wear. We buy twelve pairs all at once. It is expensive (they're not cheap socks), but the whole collection lasts several years and since they are all identical you don't have to match them up. Just grab two out of the drawer. They all wear out at the same time.

Of course you may have multiple major categories of socks, but this will still work because all your sport socks will be clearly distinguishable from your dress socks, or whatever type of socks support your lifestyle.

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